Are you interested in setting up a fun, no cost fundraiser for your youth sports organization in the DMV? Please contact us below for pricing/scheduling.

There are several reasons why youth sports teams should consider a sport-themed photo fundraiser:

  1. Memorable Keepsake: A sport-themed photo fundraiser offers participants the opportunity to capture professional-quality photos of their children in action. These photos become cherished keepsakes for both players and their families, preserving memories of their time participating in youth sports.
  2. Fundraising Potential: Photo fundraisers can be highly profitable for youth sports teams. Many parents, family members, and friends are eager to support the team by purchasing professional photos of their young athletes. The funds raised can be used to cover equipment costs, tournament fees, travel expenses, or other team-related needs.
  3. Minimal Effort Required: Organizing a sport-themed photo fundraiser is relatively straightforward, especially when partnering with a professional photography company. The company can handle logistics, such as scheduling the photo sessions, setting up a sales platform, and delivering the final products. This allows team volunteers to focus on promoting the fundraiser and rallying support from the community.
  4. Lasting Marketing Material: In addition to being a fundraising opportunity, the professional photos captured during the fundraiser can serve as marketing material for future seasons. The high-quality images can be used on the team's website, social media accounts, and promotional materials, attracting new players, sponsors, and community support.

**Please note, our fundraisers are not meant to replace traditional individual or team photos**